Updated AirPods: support for the “Hi, Siri” command and protection from moisture?

<pre>Updated AirPods: support for the

Apple can work on AirPods second generation, according to Bloomberg, citing informed sources. The updated headphones, according to the interlocutors of the publication, will receive a new processor, protection from moisture ingress, and the possibility of activating Siri's voice assistant with the “Hi, Siri” command.

The idea of ​​providing AirPods with one of the most important voice commands of the entire Apple ecosystem is quite logical , if not to say the necessary step. The ability to call Siri in a trivial voice will free up space for at least one other control gesture, increasing the convenience of interaction with headphones.

Another important feature of AirPods of the second generation, according to Bloomberg, will be protection of the case against moisture and dust by one of the IP standards . In this way, Apple will not only increase the durability of the headphones, but also attract the attention of fans of all kinds of sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Bloomberg does not announce the release dates of the updated AirPods, but specify that the headphones will be presented in 2018. Presumably, the new generation accessory will be shown on the September presentation along with the conditionally available iPhone X. If this version is confirmed, the new and old AirPods will be separated exactly two years.

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