Users are delighted with the Samsung One UI shell.

<pre>Users are delighted with the Samsung One UI shell.

In early November, Samsung unveiled the updated One UI shell. The task of Samsung in the development of OneUI was clear, it was necessary to make the system more convenient to use. To do this, the company moved all the controls to the lower part of the display, and the upper part was given to the elements that display information. Our colleague from Sammobile spent some time with an updated shell and is now ready to share my opinion.

After a few days with the Galaxy S9, and then with the Galaxy Note 9, I can say that I loved One UI.

The first thing note this is a dark theme support. It is strange that the company did not use the dark mode in its Samsung Experience shell before, because Koreans' devices are equipped with AMOLED screens, which use less energy on a black background.

The next thing our colleague liked was the animation. In One UI, Samsung has completely updated them. Why is animation the most important thing in the system? Just look at iOS, and everything will fall into place. The iPhone X's gestures seem smooth and enjoyable to use precisely through high-quality and smooth animations, while Apple is ahead of Android manufacturers in this regard.

Using a smartphone can only be seamless if you have high-quality animations that create a feeling of seamlessness in the system. This, unfortunately, Android manufacturers still do not fully understand.

Our colleague was also pleased with the stable work of the shell, and this is despite the fact that S9 has received only two updates so far, and Note 9 only one.

I want to add the following from myself. Manufacturers should take a more serious approach to the development of software. Huawei smartphone shell looks frankly bad, the same applies to MIUI 10, Flyme OS and so on. All of them do not offer smooth seamless animations and high-quality design. It's amazing that iOS has not been updated externally since 2013 and still looks trendy, in the case of Android manufacturers, so far only Samsung manages to adhere to the old concept and introduce interesting innovations.

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