Versus Run – race with reason

<pre>Versus Run - race with reason

The speed of decision making is very important in life. With it, we improve the mind, and at the same time learn to think about the consequences. To train and improve results will help Versus Run. In the game, collect bonuses, avoid obstacles and at the same time do not forget about the enemies that are catching up from behind.

Developers bring the course quickly and efficiently. The rules were formed in four cards. If we want to jump to the right, we press in the right half of the screen, if left – in the left. In addition, we do not step on obstacles and do not linger on the road. If you drag a lot of time, the enemies will catch up.

The playing field is a labyrinth. The task of the player is to move quickly along its nooks and not to step onto the platforms. At the first touch to the ground the game will end.

The process complicates the motion of the plates. They spin, shoot and just interfere with the passage. You need to notice the barrier in time and avoid contact.

Sometimes on the way there are pipes. They should not be afraid. Zaprygivayem in the tunnel and collect bonus crystals – almost like in the “Mario”. Stones are needed to unlock new characters.

Also do not forget to look ahead in the course of the movement. There are many dead ends on the maps. If you get into them, only the restart button will save.

Versus Run – a live game for dexterous gamers. The application will brighten up the free minute and will not let you get bored.

Application: Versus Run Developer: Ketchapp Category: Arcade Price: Free (with built-in purchases) Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             0 people

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