Viber for Android has a built-in message translator

<pre>Viber for Android has a built-in message translator

The updated Viber for Android application has a built-in message transfer function. Thanks to it, instant messaging users from different countries will find it easier to find a common language, translating their interlocutors to their own replies by pressing a single key directly in the chat room.

Google Translate is responsible for translating messages to Viber, which in the last few years has advanced very much, dramatically changing the user's view of machine translation. For some time now, Google's native translator has recognized the context, producing more than meaningful results.

How to translate messages to Viber

To translate a message into Viber written in a foreign language, you need to click on it and hold down to bring up the context menu, and then select the “Translate” command. If there is a connection to the Network, the message will be transferred within one second.

While the translation function is exclusively available only to users of devices running Android. Probably, this was a condition for Google, which agreed to give the instant messenger access to the company translator. Viber customers from the iOS camp will have access to the innovation in the near future.

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