Video game releases: PES 2019, Donut County, Two Point Hospital – Tech News

<pre>Video game releases: PES 2019, Donut County, Two Point Hospital - Tech News
Soccer simulation Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, silly puzzle plaything Donut County and oddball medical management title Two Point Hospital all debut before the end of August, while Yakuza Kiwami 2 provides a glittering Japanese playground for its noble mafioso antihero, The Messenger pays homage to action classic Ninja Gaiden, SCUM is a revolutionary game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC [19659001] With ex-Liverpool and current Barcelona forward Philippe Coutinho its cover athlete – two of dozen clubs that have partnered with Konami for PES 2019 – this annual soccer game continues to offer a dedication to realistic on-field soccer if not a characteristically slightly less-than-slick off pitch experience. Lacks official licenses for Europe's Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup, thanks to FIFA 19, expanding national league and club team licenses instead.

Donut County
For iOS, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC from Aug 28

Swallow all in this silly physics puzzler, in which a talking raccoon (that's you) goes around stealing not just his friends 'and neighbours' trash but their very buildings, with help from a giant, movable hole in the ground.

Two Point Hospital
For PC, Mac, Linux from Aug 30

Build and manage healthcare centers all around Two Point County, facing challenges both realistic and ridiculous in nature as

For PlayStation 4 from Aug 28

The international edition of Japan's 2017 success, itself a remake of the early series entry Yakuza 2 from 2006. Barely disguised districts of Tokyo and Osaka became the stomping of the states – and distraction-filled playgrounds – for tough, noble antihero Kazuma Kiryu as he attempts to broker a peace between two violent mafia groups.

For Windows PC (Early Access via Steam)

Launching into open access with its own supermax prison twist on Battle Royale, the genre's typical 100-person headcount is reduce to the 64th, to the left, to the 64th, to the left, to the 64th, to the left, to the living space, add the survival elements and introductions to the more detailed simulation of human biology in the process.

The Messenger
For Nintendo Switch and PC from Aug 30

Calling on retro graphics styles from the 8-bit 1980s and the 16-bit 1990s, and an effective homage to Ninja Gaiden (aka Shadow Warrior) which are released on the NES and SNES respectively (among other systems).

Bad North
For PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Coming to PC later in 2018, mobile to be announced

Repel the approaching Viking hordes for as long as it takes to build a tiny fleet and escape each successive island in a search for safety. A stylishly minimalist tactical title. – AFP Relaxnews

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