Video review: Honor 8x – a bright new

<pre>Video review: Honor 8x - a bright new

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but, as practice shows, very few people argue with the fact that Huawei and Honor produce excellent smartphones and were able to confidently become one of the leaders in sales in a short time. Today, the company presented a novelty in Russia called the Honor 8x. We have already managed to make about her first impression.

Design is a subjective concept and is always something that some people like, but others do not. You may disagree with me, but the appearance of the Honor 8X causes at least interest. The company is experimenting a lot with the design of the back wall and sometimes these experiments are very successful. This was the case with the gradient color used in some previous models, and this time.

General body impressions

The back wall has a double texture that not only looks beautiful, but also reveals the deep brilliance of the device . In Russia, customers will be offered a choice of three colors. Among them, the traditional black, stylish blue and rare for a brand of smartphones.

The buttons are traditionally located on the right side of the case. On the top there is a headphone jack, and charging is done via a microUSB located on the bottom. Someone will be pleased with the choice of connector, but nowadays it’s time to transfer smartphones to USB Type-C.

Large bright screen

After studying the case, you immediately pay attention to the screen. The first impression is very positive. As it is now accepted, it has a “bang”, but it occupies 91% of the front surface of the smartphone. The aspect ratio is 19.5: 9 and the resolution is 2340 by 1080 pixels. In combination, this gives a pixel density of 397 dpi.

Smartphones have long taught us to look at the “bang” or not is the choice of each user and the manufacturer does not have to decide for him. In Honor 8x, like all the latest models with a “bang”, you can put on a disguise and thereby give the screen the correct shape.

As for the screen brightness, there are no complaints about it. Even in the sun, he looks very dignified. It is possible and I would like to add brightness, but even without this, the use does not become uncomfortable.


The performance of the Honor 8x is the responsibility of the Kirin 710 processor with an accelerator. There is a perception that Kirin is not suitable for games, and in part it is true, but for everyday tasks the processor is more than enough. Especially this contributes to the excellent optimization, which Huawei achieves through the use of its own processor and the development of the operating system.

The RAM on board is 4 GB, and the built-in 64 GB or 128 GB. If this is not enough, the smartphone supports memory cards with a capacity of up to 400 GB. At the same time, a slot for a memory card separately, slots for SIM cards separately. This is very convenient.

Camera capabilities

Huawei and Honor are not the first time forcing their smartphones to work on artificial intelligence. Of course, rather, these are just algorithms, but they know their work and really can improve photos.

The resolution of the main camera is 20 Mp + 2 Mp. There is a function that allows you to automatically determine the scene and change the settings depending on the shooting scenario. Automation can detect up to 22 shooting options.

In addition, the camera allows you to define different parts of the picture and adjust your exposure for them, and you can change the focus on finished pictures by moving it from front to back.

Front camera It takes pictures with a resolution of 16 megapixels, which sometimes turn out to be slightly overexposed, but at the same time have good detail. True, in conditions of reduced lighting begin to appear noises. For fans of stickers and augmented reality has everything you need. Decorations, masks and the like as usual on the spot.

What else is remarkable Honor 8x

Separately, it is worth noting the presence of NFC and the ability of the smartphone to connect with nine others, creating something like a stereo for a louder sound reproduction. This function can even partially replace portable speakers at friendly gatherings

At the same time, the sound of the smartphone itself does not cause a storm of emotions. This is just the sound of a smartphone, nothing more. Good, sound, but the sound of a smartphone.

The capacity of the built-in battery is 3750 mAh, and it discharges very evenly. Even with active use, you will come back with a charge in the evening.

To safely unlock your smartphone, you can scan your finger and recognize the face. The first method works very quickly and the second is a bit slower, but it allows you to hide the notification until the owner of the smartphone looks at the screen.

This was the first impression of the smartphone. We continue to study it and if in a week or two it manifests itself on the other hand, we will definitely tell about it.

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