Video review: How to charge a smartphone without wires

<pre>Video review: How to charge a smartphone without wires

Many of you have noticed a slight decrease in the speed of wireless charging technology in smartphones. Nevertheless, some companies persistently continue to introduce it into their devices. Almost nothing is included with the charging station. You can, of course, buy the original, but you can save and buy a dubious Chinese counterpart. But there is also the golden mean.

We found two charging stations. One of them is a classic option, on which the smartphone can simply be put, and the second is a full-fledged stand. Especially this stand is convenient, if you put it on the table, and your smartphone supports unlocking by scanning the face. In this case, when a message arrives to you, the smartphone is activated and if you have the option “hide notifications before unlocking”, it is immediately unlocked and you do not need to take the device in your hand to read the text.

A more compact version

If you still prefer the classics, and you do not want to place the charging station on the table, then the classic version is more suitable for you.

The model is called the Harper QCH-300. It works according to the Qi standard, so all the benefits of this standard will be available to the owners of the vast majority of smartphones with wireless charging support per se.

The microUSB-USB cable is used to connect the station to the power source, and any standard method the power adapter from the outlet, the USB port of the computer or laptop, PowerBank and the like.)

The characteristics are as follows:

  • output voltage – from 5V to 9V
  • input current – 2 A [19659009] the output current is from 0.7 A to 1.2 A
  • the maximum operating distance is up to 7 mm from the surface of the station itself

These characteristics will be enough to quickly charge the smartphone, even in a small case.

Only the charging station itself, the connection cable and the user's manual are included in the scope of supply.

More functional option

If you still have a closer support for a smartphone with a wireless charging function, then this is your model called Harper QCH-200.

The minus of charging stands that connect to the smartphone's connector is that, due to their small weight, they must be held before disconnecting the device from it.

With the Harper QCH-200 all is easier. The smartphone simply leans on the stand, and it charges it at that time.

The characteristics of this charging station are similar to those of the 300th model:

  • the output voltage is from 5V to 9V
  • input current is 2A
  • the output current is from 0.7A to 1.2A
  • maximum distance of action – up to 7 mm from the surface of the station itself
  • connector for connection – microUSB

You can charge, as in the first case, all smartphones that support Qi technology. That is, all popular models that generally support the wireless charging method.

Both charging stations are a good compromise between good quality and low price, offering the buyer a worthy accessory for little money.

If the Harper wireless chargers that I told you today interested you, you can read more about them in the descriptions in this video.

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