While the whole world is watching with curiosity whether Ilona Mask will be able to launch the Falcon Heavy rocket into space, SpaceX artists posted an animated video on the official YouTube channel, demonstrating exactly how this mission will take place. And if during the launch everything happens normally, the rocket will not explode into a million small pieces, then for the first time in the history of mankind the electric car Tesla Roadster will go on a long trip to Mars.

Initially, SpaceX Falcon Heavy was developed to send a person to the outer space, and to facilitate future lunar and Martian missions. The superheavy booster is three combined accelerators based on the first stages of the Falcon 9 rocket. A total of 27 engines provide a maximum thrust of 22,819 kN (24,681 kN in vacuum). After entering orbit, all three accelerators are able to automatically return to the ground and make a soft landing on landing areas or floating platforms.

After years of development (for the first time Mask started talking about Falcon Heavy in 2011) and numerous transfers of the first launch, the carrier is ready for its debut. All systems are repeatedly tested and, according to the Mask itself, “ready to launch.” The first and so far the only passenger of the missile will be Tesla Roadster of red color, which after entering the orbit will go to the Red Planet. Behind the wheel of an electric car is a mannequin in Space Space suit, which we told you not so long ago.

“Falcon Heavy will go to Martian orbit tomorrow. And if the rocket does not explode at launch, it will take our Starman behind the wheel of the Roadster to a target located 400 million kilometers from the Earth, at a speed of 11 kilometers per second, “wrote Ilon Mask in his Instagram.

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