Virtual glass Voktail will allow you to create any beverages to your taste

<pre>Virtual glass Voktail will allow you to create any beverages to your taste
Voktail is a virtual cocktail glass developed by specialists from the National University of Singapore, whose main” feature “is the ability to mimic tastes, smells and color of different beverages using digital technology.For example, it’s easier to follow a diet.
Voktail development started in 2013. Then its predecessor, Digital Lollipop, was created, an electronic device that synthesizes virtual tastes. engineers used to develop Voktail. principal elements are two silver electrode on the rim of the glass, through which the tip of the tongue transmitted pulses simulating various taste sensations -. sweet, salty, sour, bitter complements a picture glass installed below the LED, which adds the virtual cocktail corresponding color. But that’s not all. Special cartridges fill the glass with flavored molecules, creating the illusion of flavor at the time of the pharynx. The range of virtual cocktails is quite extensive. With the help of a special application, the user of Voktail can independently adjust the taste, color and smell that he needs. Developers, first of all, hope to interest the novelty of those who decided to go on a diet and even diabetics. Just imagine, they can drink a simple “sweetened” computer water without the slightest threat to health. It remains to wait and see how long the body will tolerate this deception.
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