Vollebak launches graphene jacket for sale

<pre>Vollebak launches graphene jacket for sale

Vollebak company announced the fastest release of the most unusual clothes in the world – “graphene jacket”. This business structure specializes in innovative and provocative hi-tech accessories and technologies for outdoor clothing. But in the case of a graphene jacket, they themselves admit that they have entered a certain impasse.

First, the content of graphene in the future is extremely small, the jacket is not sewn from some unknown graphene fiber, but will simply receive a thin coating of carbon. Thickness in nanometers, as well as it is necessary to the advanced material which will keep all wonderful properties: superconductivity, super strength, superstability to aggressive environments, etc. Secondly, how much they will be transferred to the jacket itself – even the manufacturer itself does not know. And carefully nothing promises.

In Vollebak offer to consider the novelty as a convenient way to join the world of progress and high technologies, literally throw on the shoulders of the achievements of advanced science. Perhaps this is even a chance to go down in history, especially if the jackets are released in a limited series and someone buys them. Waiting sheets are already open, but the price of a graphene jacket is still unknown.

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