Watch for true connoisseurs of music for 300 thousand dollars

<pre>Watch for true connoisseurs of music for 300 thousand dollars

Some high-quality wrist watches are a demonstration of modern technologies and craftsmanship of their manufacturers. And what about aesthetic pleasure? One example is the Jacob & Co Opera. In a nutshell, it's a clock and a music box in one bottle.

Inside the 47×20 mm case in the center of the dial is a four-axis modular design. On two axes on the right and left there are rotating musical cylinders, and on the other two – a three-axis tourbillon and a small dial of pink gold with arrows.

Rotating cylinders with tiny pins, in contact with a comb consisting of metal plates, completely repeat the work of classical music boxes. The owner of the clock for half an hour has the pleasure of hearing the composition of Memory from the musical “Cats”, EL Webber.

In the “arsenal” of the box – 120 notes. The melody is triggered by pressing the button located on the case. During the rotation of the cylinders, the dial and tourbillon come into motion, which rotate 120 degrees. All carriages – inner, middle and outer – have different rotation speeds. They make one turn in 40 seconds, 3 and 8 minutes respectively.

Especially for Jacob & Co Opera, a new mechanism was developed. In particular, manual winding is made of titanium parts, which makes the clock easier, and the sounds produced are cleaner. In total, the mechanism consists of 646 parts.

Unique watches are available in two versions and a limited edition of 18 products, which is not surprising. Jacob & Co Opera will cost their owners $ 305,000.

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