What Android apps consume the most energy

<pre>What Android apps consume the most energy

Experts from Avast anti-virus company have compiled a list of ten applications for Android, consuming the most energy in the background. Surprisingly, they included a utility whose main purpose is to optimize the background processes to increase the device's autonomy.

The least energy-efficient application, which topped the top, Avast experts called the Samsung AllShare utility for pairing between proprietary devices. This application, as well as those that ranked second and third in the list, respectively, are installed by default on all Android smartphones from Samsung.

Among the least energy-efficient applications that consume a charge in the background, the Facebook client also entered, WhatsApp, Google Maps (obviously due to constant tracking), Chinese WeChat messenger, Outlook from Microsoft and others.

A similar list was also made, consisting of applications that inefficiently consume battery life during activity. The first and second places were again taken by the Samsung brand titles: the bar code scanner and the media player, WatchON. Following them in descending order are Netflix, Snapchat, Line messenger and a number of less popular in Russia utilities and application-klinerov.

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