What could be the upcoming macOS 11? New concept

<pre>What could be the upcoming macOS 11? New concept

Designer Alvaro Pabesio introduced to the world his vision of the new operating system macOS 11. In his opinion, there was enough change to change the serial number c macOS 10.13 to 11. It's hard to disagree, there really are a lot of changes: the updated Notification Center similar on the one in iOS, support for universal applications and a full dark theme.

The classic menu bar, which for a long time almost did not change, was greatly simplified. The new Notification Center will receive new widgets with a convenient grouping of notifications.

The designer predicts that it will be possible to run any iOS-based applications, with all this support Handoff for third-party developers.

In addition to all this, we still expect a completely new design each application: Finder with a new sidebar, a completely new iTunes interface, messages with Animoji support, and much more.

This is certainly an ambitious concept, but having little in common with Apple's current plans to focus on a hundred of the frequency. We can only hope that in the foreseeable future the company will realize at least some of the ideas presented. You can study the whole concept on this page.

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