What household items can stop a real bullet

<pre>What household items can stop a real bullet

World terrorism does not slumber, and, being a bit on big fronts, passes to partisan tactics. It is no exaggeration to say that shots today can be heard anywhere in the world and the target will certainly be unprotected people. If the enemy is armed with army weapons, most of our usual interior items are not suitable as shelter, but if a gangster with a standard 9 mm pistol burst into your house, there is a chance to survive.

Popular Mechanics published a study of what everyday objects can stop bullet attacker, for lack of bulletproof vests at hand. Dr. Carl Chang, a security engineer from the DuPont Kevlar Ballistic Group, immediately disappointed them – most types of furniture are not good. That in the couch, that in the refrigerator there are a lot of voids in relation to the material, so they will not resist the bullets. But a shelf with ordinary paper books can become a saving barrier.

You do not have to hide behind a plasterboard wall or a wooden door, and if you're in the bathroom, then go to the bathroom, and do not squat over the washing machine. Climbing into the closet with clothes is a bad idea, and the pantry is good as an anti-bullet bunker in proportion to the volume of trash lying there. What is important is not the material from which things are made, but its volume and location.

It seems that the heavy cast-iron frying pan is similar to the plates in a police bulletproof vest, but a 9-mm bullet easily breaks it. But a thick 8-kg package with a filler for the cat's tray – no, a piece of lead sticks in this mass and quickly loses kinetic energy. A thick 1000-page paper directory against a bullet is useless, but if you attach one more one, you get a chance to get off with just a bruise.

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