What is the uniqueness of the smartphone Galaxy P1 from Samsung?

<pre>What is the uniqueness of the smartphone Galaxy P1 from Samsung?

While Apple seems to have decided to permanently abandon the idea of ​​integrating a fingerprint sensor into the display, Samsung continues to move in this direction. According to the insider MMDDJ, the South Korean vendor has almost completed work on the display scanner of prints and is almost ready to show it to the world along with its new smartphone.

If MMDDJ information is correct, the launch of the first Samsung device with a fingerprint scanner will initially take place only in China. This is due to the presence of several smartphones in the market of the Middle Kingdom with the support of a similar function for which the manufacturer intends to navigate in the future.

The first Galaxy with a fingerprint scanner in the display

As the future Samsung smartphone with dactyloscopic scanners in the display will be test and will be limited , then, most likely, it will belong to the experimental line Galaxy P. In case of failure of the novelty, this will allow the vendor to curtail its production and imperceptibly withdraw the model from the market.

Galaxy P1 – ha

For the same reason, you should not expect a serious hardware filling of the smartphone. Probably, Galaxy P will receive one of the processors Exynos of the average hand, 3 GB of RAM and a dual camera. It is possible that the future novelty will be an external and internal copy of the Galaxy A8, differing from it only by a display fingerprint.

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