What products will Apple show in the near future?

<pre>What products will Apple show in the near future?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst at TF International Securities, Apple is currently working on several promising lines. We can talk about such projects as Apple Car and AR Glass.

According to a published note for investors, the Apple Car project will be presented to the public already in 2023-2025. The analyst is confident that this product will revolutionize the automotive sphere, as the iPhone did in the smartphone market in its time.

We expect that Apple Car will become the next “star” product of the company. There are several reasons for this:

  • Automobile segment definitely needs innovation. Currently, there is only stagnation in this market, exactly what we observed 10 years ago in the mobile industry.
  • Augmented reality technologies that will be implemented in Apple Car will allow “re-inventing” the car, which will lead to significant changes in this

According to Kuo, the Apple Car project will also be the starting point on the way to capitalizing the company at $ 2 billion.

The analyst also shared Apple's plans for the augmented reality glasses – AR Glass. It is likely that the device will be announced as early as 2020 and will receive a “revolutionary user interface of a new generation.” The product will run on a special version of iOS, using the existing ARKit software environment.

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