What to do when the “OK Google” command does not work

<pre>What to do when the

You say “Ok Google” and nothing happens. Very sorry. But we will try to figure out the problem together. There are several reasons why your Android smartphone may not respond to this voice command.

Language settings

Make sure that the smartphone understands you. To do this, the correct language of the interface and applications must be installed.


There is a possibility that the smartphone would be glad to understand you, but he just does not hear you. Listens with a smartphone using a microphone. Make sure that the microphone is in working order. Try to record the video and check the operation of all microphones.

Bixby and S Voice

Voice assistants from Samsung do not know the “Ok Google” command. If you are using a Samsung smartphone and want Google to help you, turn off the other voice assistants.


A smartphone requires a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to operate the voice command. Make sure that this is not a problem.

We hope this helped you.

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