What will not be on MWC 2018?

<pre>What will not be on MWC 2018?

At MWC 2018 in Barcelona, ​​various companies will show a lot of interesting. Users are looking forward to the beginning of the exhibition and announcements. After all, the mobile industry, smartphones and everything connected with them – this is not the first year the most dynamically developing direction of high technologies. But, as it follows from the new report, one of the significant flagships of the new technological season expected at the forthcoming MWC will not be presented there.

Mobile World Congress is one of the most significant technological events of the year. Large and small companies are eager to present their new products there. Among them are eccentric accessories with Kickstarter, and the most popular Android-smartphones of the new season of the mobile industry. Thus, the exhibition attracts attention, showing not only new devices, but also providing connoisseurs of modern electronics with numerous topics for communication. But the MWC 2018 may not see the light of one of the most anticipated new flagships. More similarly, a new message was considered by Preslav Kateliev on the pages of the resource phonearena.com.

Traditionally, many announcements of devices occur on the first day of MWC. Thus, the visitors of the exhibition have several days for the first acquaintance with previously presented novelties. Many users hoped to see a new flagship smartphone from HTC at the forthcoming exhibition. But, probably, this presentation will not take place.

News about the novelty does not come from those who follow upcoming announcements of the company. When HTC 10 did not see the light on MWC, a month after the exhibition a special presentation was held, during which the new HTC flagship debuted. But some optimists on the Web still hoped that the HTC 12 (or the flagship smartphone with a different name from HTC) will be shown on the forthcoming MWC 2018. It should be noted that the name HTC U12 is only conjectural and not confirmed.

According to the new message resource androidheadlines.com, “HTC insider” confirmed that the novelty will not be shown at the upcoming exhibition. In February, the company will not make a single significant announcement and will hold its presentation after the completion of MWC.

The announcement time by HTC is not specified. Probably, we can talk about the March or April debut of the novelty. Earlier on HTC U12 there were two assumptions. According to the first of them, the novelty could see the light on MWC 2018. The second was that HTC does not want its announcement to coincide with the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. And the second assumption probably proved to be closer to reality. HTC probably does not want its flagship to be in the shadow of the upcoming Samsung novelties.

The reports of the HTC U12 appeared on the web more than once, but various “leaks” gave different ideas about the flagship not yet presented to the public. It is believed that the HTC U12 will resemble the HTC U11 Plus, but the company, following the current trend of the industry, will reduce the width of the screen frames of its new premium device. This means a considerable probability that the fingerprint scanner will be placed on the back of the smartphone in question. Like many other high-end smartphones, HTC U12 will be characterized by a body of glass and metal. In addition, its protection against water and dust will meet the IP68 certification.

HTC U11 debuted in May last year. It is characterized by a fairly wide-ranging modern views on the flagship device screen frames. The fingerprint scanner of this smartphone is located on its front panel. Although the HTC U11 is a very good phone, the HTC U11 Plus looks much better in terms of design connoisseurs.

This may cause the company in its new HTC U12 to build more on the design of the HTC U11 Plus than the HTC U11. The flagship smartphone HTC U11 is equipped with a 5.5-inch QHD-display. It is expected that the size of the screen of the upcoming HTC U12 will be larger. This will be possible due to the slimmer display screens of the novelty, which will be characterized by the aspect ratio of 18: 9, not 16: 9, as in many smartphones that were offered to consumers before the emergence of the “frameless” trend, which in 2017 became decisive not only for many flagship devices, but also for some more affordable smartphones.

There is almost no doubt that the hardware platform for the new HTC U12 will be the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, designed for high-end devices in 2018. The amount of RAM of the new flagship HTC will be 6 gigabytes. The software updates will be based on the Android Oreo operating system with HTC's Sense user interface.

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