When it's better and more profitable to sell your smartphone

<pre>When it's better and more profitable to sell your smartphone

New exciting flagship smartphones come out every year. Of course, many are not ready to change the smartphone every year. This desire also does not appear at all. But if you like to walk with the most modern smartphone, and your desires coincide with the possibilities, in this case, it will be useful to find out the best time to sell your device.

In fact, the answer is very simple. The sooner you sell your smartphone, the more profitable you can sell it. The most profitable day for the sale of your smartphone is the day of its purchase. Of course, you did not buy a smartphone for this. We'll find more suitable options.

You want to maximize the benefits and you have a spare smartphone

Suppose you are willing to wait for a while, using not the most modern gadget. In this case, you should consider selling your device in a few weeks or even months before the release of the new one. It's no secret that after the release of Galaxy Note 9 model Galaxy Note 8 will fall in price. Your job is to sell your Galaxy Note 8 before the new device becomes cheaper in stores. It can be cheaper throughout the year, but the biggest downturn is expected right after the new model goes on sale.

You do not have a spare smartphone and you want a new device right away

If you're not ready to wait, then you should change your smartphone immediately after the release of the new model. You can see the offers of shops for exchange, or buy a new smartphone on the day of selling the old one. You can also sell an old smartphone on the day of purchasing a new one if you have free money. The task is to do this as soon as possible after the receipt of the novelty in the sale. It will not be as profitable as selling your device before the release of a new one, but you do not have to wait for the exit and use a swap device.

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