Whether the Earth is flat, so that it would be with us?

<pre>Whether the Earth is flat, so that it would be with us?

Over the past few years, the concept of a “flat Earth” has regained great popularity. It's hard to believe that in 2018 there is a whole community of people who believe that all the aerospace agencies of the world are deceiving us submissively submitting to the world government and shoveling the fake pictures of the round Earth from space. Some extremely radical individuals in general declare that there is no cosmos, and it can not be, because our flat planet is closed by a certain celestial firmament.

Among the supporters of the idea of ​​a flat Earth, there are really outstanding scientific minds adding a serious weight to this theory, take at least Tilu Tequila or BOB, who quite seriously declare that our planet is like a pancake. Okay, it's all a joke.

From the standpoint of science, the concept of a flat Earth, which was denied by scientists several hundred years ago, certainly looks very stupid, especially if one digs deeper and reaches the arguments offered by its supporters. But today we will not disassemble them. Today we are interested in something else. Despite its insanity, the theory of flat Earth gives rise to a rather interesting question: what would our world be if our planet were really flat? In fact, scientists have also asked this question many times and even figured it out pretty well. So, today we will talk about what would be with our planet, be it flat, not round.

Gravity would constantly drag us to the north

If you think that gravity pulls us all down, then you are mistaken. It pulls us to the center of the Earth. That's why people do not fall from the planet, being relative to us upside down on the other end of the world – gravitational forces draw everything to the center.

It's very convenient, especially when you live on a round planet. If the Earth were flat, gravity would work here quite differently. A flat Earth would be long and thin, and the center of its gravity would most likely be located somewhere on the North Pole, because it is the center on all maps of a flat Earth.

This means that everything on the planet would be constantly attracted to the North Pole, and quite strongly. And the more you distance yourself from the North Pole, the stronger the gravitational force would attract you to the center. This power could not be resisted: water would come out of the shores, all trees and plants would grow diagonally, and people would most likely suck in a large ball in the middle of the Arctic.

The sun would roast the planet

Let's imagine for a moment that the problem of gravity is miraculously solved. Perhaps we started wearing some special gravitational shoes or found that the supporters of the flat Earth were right, and no gravity in principle exists and never existed, and everything around naturally falls down in a natural way. Even if we are not attracted to the North Pole, then we will have serious problems – we will lose the magnetic field.

The magnetic field protects us and our planet from cosmic radiation and solar radiation. This field exists only because our planet rotates. If the planet stops its rotation for any reason, this field will disappear. And soon we will follow him.

First, the entire volume of radiation and radiation from outer space will pass unobstructed to the surface of our planet. As a result, the Earth will lose the ozone layer and, more importantly, the atmosphere that will gradually dissipate until eventually it disappears completely.

The disappearance of the magnetic field and the atmosphere will make us defenseless against asteroids and meteorites. We will be subject to constant bombardment by these objects until the surface of our planet becomes like a moon.

Any forms of navigation would stop the work

After all of the above, we would have only a few days of life, but they would have to be tolerated with some inconvenience. It turns out that if our planet were flat, then practically nothing that we created at the moment would not work.

Without a mantle, a core or a magnetic pole, the compasses would be completely useless. Problems would arise not only in humans, but also in animals. Birds using a magnetic field for navigation would not know which way to fly.

In addition, it would be impossible to navigate the stars – for us they would stand in one place. In addition, the starry sky would be the same in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

However, it would be “more fun” with GPS systems that would not just stop working, they would start killing us. From the sky, satellites would begin to fall on our head (at the moment there are about 1300 of them), which without GPS navigation could no longer be held in orbit.

We could see very, very far

You will not believe, but from life on a flat Earth there would be pluses. They are very few, and in the light of the quick death of all living things they would be useless, but nonetheless. One of the advantages, for example, was that we could very far to see. Our eyes are much stronger than they seem. And if the Earth was flat, then looking out of the window, we could see what is happening almost at the other end of the country.

While living on a spherical Earth, we can not do this, because about 5 km away the planet curves. On a flat Earth, the view from the window would be similar to the view from the porthole of a flying airplane. Of course, some details would be vague or barely noticeable. But for the review we would have been helped by the light. We could see the light of city lights, located hundreds of kilometers from us.

The movement of tectonic plates would cease

Scientists claim that tectonic plates are created under a spherical planet. If a plate moves on one part of the planet, it interacts with another plate on the opposite side of the planet. If the Earth was flat, of course, this rule would stop working.

How exactly tectonic plates would work on a flat Earth is unclear, but if we assume that they would not move at all, it becomes clear that, most likely, the planet would not have a relief variety. There would be no mountains and plains, and the ocean would be a pool with water, evenly distributed throughout the surface of the Earth.

Even assuming that the relief was conceived in a certain way from the beginning, it's unclear what to do with the volcanoes, and they are incredibly important for our planet – because of them the atmosphere of the Earth contains oxygen.

It would be impossible to cross the Antarctic

According to most models of flat Earth, Antarctica surrounds our planet with a dense ice wall, which is necessary so that water does not flow. In this case, no one could ever set foot on the Antarctic Land, although, according to historical evidence, many did.

Against the fact of the existence of the ice wall, it not only says that in this case it would be necessary to recognize that all people who have visited the Antarctic are lying, but also what could have happened to the ice wall in case tectonic plates are still move. In time, because of this movement, cracks would form in the wall, from which the water would flow.

There would be no seasons

There would not be any changes of seasons on a flat Earth. If you do not like winter, then for you it would be good news, because the planet would always be summer. The fact is that the seasons change with the presence of our planet's inclination axis. So, when in the Northern Hemisphere summer, in the Southern Hemisphere, winter, and vice versa. Without this inclination of the axis, the seasons would be absent as such, especially if the North Pole was in the center. On the planet, one season would last forever.

However, the absence of the seasons would not be the only thing. If the planet had settled the same season, then the climate everywhere would be the same on it. And this, in turn, would create ideal conditions for migration for different microbes and viruses. Every new disease that appeared in one or another region of a flat planet would spread all over the world at lightning speed.

There would be no rains

If the Earth was flat, then the wind on the planet would blow only in two directions: to the south and to the north. This, in turn, would cause a global climate catastrophe. It's all about the east and west winds and currents, because they are formed as a result of the rotation of the planet around its own axis.

The Coriolis force would cease to function, and on Earth not only would the storms cease, but even a rainy rain would not come. There would be a drought everywhere on the planet. Perhaps the coastline would be a little better, but everything else would turn into a lifeless desert.

We would fall on the Sun

Everything that is described above, it would not matter anyway. If the Earth was flat, life on it would quickly perish, because the planet would have fallen on the Sun. The fault would again be the lack of movement around its axis and gravity, which allow our planet to rotate around the star.

According to the classical model of flat Earth, our planet is static. It does not move anywhere and is constantly under the Sun that is hanging over it. If, at the same time, it is assumed that the Sun retains gravity, then the Earth will simply be attracted to the light and will fall on its surface. If, as the proponents of the planetary earth theory maintain, gravity does not exist at all, and the Sun is not a huge star, but only a small glowing ball located no further than 6400 km from the Earth, nothing will prevent him, the rest of the planets and their satellites , including our Moon, to fall on our head.

This would be the biggest conspiracy in the universe

If we imagine for a moment that we really live on a flat Earth, and everything miraculously works perfectly in some miraculous way, then we will face another problem, completely devoid of logic. This will mean that we live among the millions of liars involved in the greatest and at the same time most senseless conspiracy, not only within the history of our planet and humanity, but also, possibly, the entire universe.

The proponents of flat- “A fairy tale” about a round Earth came up in NASA. But if this is true, then the problem will be much more extensive. This would mean that not only those who are connected with the cosmos, but also those who visited the Antarctic, are involved in a general conspiracy.

Now it is difficult to say the exact figures, however many people would take part in this conspiracy, but in the same Apollo program, in which Americans flew to the moon, more than 400,000 people took part. It turns out that they are all conspirators too? No less people took part in the Space Program of the USSR. All of them are also conspirators?

Over the course of history, around 8,000 different devices were brought into space by various people and groups. Among these people there is even a 19-year-old British student Adam Kedworth, who created a simple photographic probe of a pair of cards, a GPS tracker, a camera for 30 pounds and a few spheres of helium, and launched it into space in 2012. So he's also involved in this plot? Moreover, teachers who talk about the theory of a spherical Earth would most likely not have far away from all these conspirators.

If the Earth were flat, it would mean that there are millions and millions of people in the world who know the truth, but refusing to recognize it. And these millions of people without any scruple of conscience, without any moral dilemmas, without any work, would naturally lie to your face every day.

If we all lived in such a world, then falling on the Sun would not be such a bad prospect.

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