Which Android smartphones are now in trend

<pre>Which Android smartphones are now in trend

All the major trends of modern smartphones were reviewed on the Web.

AnTuTu published interesting statistics concerning devices that appear in the benchmark. Thus, the statistics in question, although it does not fully reflect the entire market of Android-devices, creates a rather definite picture of what smartphone enthusiasts are using, says Ro (Ro) on the pages of the resource gsmarena.com, reviewing the new message.

Screens and processors of modern Android-smartphones

 Most popular Android-smartphones

The most popular screen resolution for a modern smartphone is 1080p. In 24.37% of phones – panels Full HD with a ratio of 16: 9, in 17.19% – screens FHD +. Another 16.09% of the displays of modern smartphones are even higher and are characterized by resolutions of 1080 x 2248 and 1080 x 2280 pixels.

 The most popular Android smartphones

73.5% of Android smartphones that have appeared in the AnTuTu benchmark are equipped with 8-core chipsets CPUs and 21.9% are based on quad-core processors.

How many Android-based smartphones have memory?

 The most popular Android smartphones

36.51% of smartphones are equipped with 6-gigabyte RAM. The second place – for smartphones with 4 gigabytes of RAM (31.70%). The third position of the ranking is occupied by smart phones with 3 gigabytes of RAM. It is interesting to note that devices with 8-gigabyte RAM are already as popular as smartphones with 2 gigabytes of RAM. As memory chips become cheaper, even many middle-class smartphones are equipped with 4 or 6 gigabytes of RAM.

 The most popular Android-smartphones

In 41.13% of smart phones, a 64-gigabyte built-in storage device was found. Second place is for smartphones with a 128-gigabyte built-in storage, which are much more popular than devices with storage capacity of 32 gigabytes.

Android Oreo – the most popular smartphone OS in AnTuTu

 Most popular Android smartphones

] 61.4% of smartphones run Android Oreo, followed by Nougat. This is significantly different from the previously reviewed statistics Google. However, in AnTuTu, after all, new devices are more often manifested.

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