Which is better for watching TV, if you are an Android user

<pre>Which is better for watching TV, if you are an Android user

Now more often we use the Internet to watch our TV. Even on-air TV channels can be watched with the help of applications, what to say about a huge number of services with the most diverse video content. In this article we will tell you useful information for those Android device owners who want to use full streaming and forget about the antenna cable forever.

Think about the Chromecast

If you have a TV with HDMI and you are not satisfied with its “smart “Features, think of an affordable device like the Google Chromecast. This HDMI-dongle will allow you to stream almost everything from your smartphone to the TV in FullHD resolution. Chromecast Ultra will give you 4K-resolution.

Actually, the content is not broadcast directly from your phone, but you control it from your phone. In addition, you can use not only a smartphone on Android, but also an iPhone, iPad and even a desktop computer. Just set up your Chromecast using the Google Home app and use it everywhere you see the streaming icon.

Android TV is even better

A more expensive, but more pleasant option is a prefix with Android TV or TV on this operating system. The advantage is that you can install applications to view content and even play games. You do not need a smartphone or some other device. All that you want from Android, is ready to work.

The prefixes from Android TV are huge from a variety of manufacturers. There are a lot of TVs on this operating system, but Sony and Sharp are among the main manufacturers.

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