Which smartphone downloads data faster than others

<pre>Which smartphone downloads data faster than others

Speedtest from Ookla is one of the most popular services for measuring the bandwidth of an Internet connection. You can find out the connection speed in the browser and inside special applications for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. Employees of the company tested modern flagships and named the fastest smartphone.

The winner of the race was a pair of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. According to the company, devices are ahead of other flagships on the market by download speed by 42 percent. This is reported by Android Community.

“Galaxy” was also compared with Apple iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and Galaxy S7. The results of the S9 line were faster by 37, 17 and 38 percent respectively. This was helped by the CAT 18 LTE modem, which provides a network speed of up to 1.2 Gb / s.

According to Ookla employees, the Galaxy S9 line will be an excellent choice for the coming summer. Smartphones combine high bandwidth with good performance in games, speed of application downloads and camera capabilities.

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