Who will become Apple's largest shareholder

<pre>Who will become Apple's largest shareholder

Last week it became known that Warren Buffett's hedge fund Berkshire Hathaway took over 75 million shares of the Cupertino company in the first quarter of this year. After that, in an interview with Reuters, a reputable investor said he was not going to stop there.

According to Buffett, he will wait for Apple shares to fall again to increase their stake in the company. It is expected that Berkshire Hathaway will soon buy back another 75 million shares of Apple. Already, the hedge fund is the third largest shareholder in the corporation, and buying additional securities can raise it to the second line.

Interestingly, Berkshire Hathaway usually avoids investing in technology companies, so the deal with Apple is very important. Perhaps Buffett's decision was influenced by the dividend payment program for shareholders, which Tim Cook said at a recent conference on the announcement of quarterly results.

Nevertheless, the fact that such a far-sighted investor, like Warren Buffett, supports the support, says that the reasons for optimism about the future of our beloved company is still very much there.

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