Whose communication became twice more “emotional”?

<pre>Whose communication became twice more

From the announcement of Samsung, the world's leading smartphone market, most often expect new powerful mobile devices. However, since the phones are intended primarily for communication, a new opportunity to better convey their emotions and mood will also be very interesting to users of modern flagships from the South Korean technological giant, who have 18 new digital tools for expressing their impressions.

Samsung announced the addition of 18 more new stickers in its popular feature AR Emoji for flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Updating the camera application that contains new stickers is in the Galaxy Apps Store, in the “My apps” section, notes Alan Friedman, a published resource phonearena.com with a link to Samsung. [19659004] Thus, after adding new stickers to AR Emoji, their number doubles – from 18 to 36. Another 18 stickers will be added in the coming months. And this means that as early as 2018 there will already be 54 AR Emoji stickers.

Stickers appear automatically when creating AR Emoji. This happens if the user selects the mode “AR Emoji mode” in the camera application and executes the option to create emoti “Create My Emoji”. Further work on creating AR Emoji within the user-defined parameters is already done by the phone. Stickers can be added to the message directly using the keyboard or by copying and pasting.

The function also gives the opportunity to create AR Emoji based on some Disney characters. Last week, in addition to Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, “The Incredibles” were added.

Readers can learn to discuss the importance of emotion-transferring stickers in communicating current users of mobile devices in Telegram chat.

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