Why am I still not ready to move to Android

<pre>Why am I still not ready to move to Android

I was in possession of both Android-smartphones and iOS-devices. Often I had to walk with two systems at the same time, but now I'm using the iPhone 6, and that's why.

iOS has many flaws, but the system still keeps its users.

Smoothness scrolled

The main thing that keeps me in iOS is the smoothness of the scrolling and the sensitivity of the touch panel. Not a single Android smartphone was so smooth and sensitive. For example, imagine a situation where you are trying to drag the application icon, and it reluctantly stretches behind your finger, as if lagging behind it. There is no such thing in iOS. The extremely high response of the tach allows you to be one with the interface and interact with it more quickly. Every scrolling of the ribbon in Tweetbot after any Android smartphone is accompanied by the release of endorphins.


Even old Apple flagships, such as the iPhone 6, do not cause a screen of quality, which can not be said about Android budgets with a similar value.


The iOS icons are unified (square with rounded corners). This gives the desktop a neatness. Now Google is also trying to unify the icons, making them round, but it's still very sad, especially when it comes to third-party shells, for example, MIUI.

Application Menu

Android still has an application menu. In my opinion, it once again loads the system, and I do not see a special need in the application menu.


The company in Android P introduced the management of gestures. Earlier I wrote why these gestures are terrible.

Fragmentation and lack of updates

Always protect Android when it comes to fragmentation. But, if you close your eyes to all the nuances, the user wants to receive updates for 5 years, he does not receive them. The maximum that can be expected from manufacturers is 2 years of support. And it's very small on the background of iOS.


It's clear that now Android is developing with leaps and bounds on the background of iOS, so I have no doubt that in 1 or 2 years my Android gadget will be my Android gadget. [19659017] Opinion is shared in the Telegram chat or below in the comments.

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