Why Google Play is the worst app store


The App Store was updated with the release of iOS 11. Until now, I did not take the upgrade seriously, so I did not even try to study the new App Store. However, it's time to do this, and after studying, I can say with certainty: Google should update the Android application store.

The updated App Store, it seems to me, is much more convenient than Google Play. Here is the main tape, where the applications and games of the day are published in chronological order. The page with each application is an interesting description with pictures and a video. At the same time, the game is described very qualitatively, and there are no questions to the design of the text of the questions. There is a certain unification of the description of games and applications.


In the case of Google Play, each developer describes his creation as he wishes, using capital letters (caps), which spoils the impression of the product.

It is also worth note that the articles in the “Today” section are unique (not a copy of the text describing the application itself) and are written exclusively for display in this section.


The second section, “Games”, includes only games, and the length of the partition is small – you do not have to scroll endlessly, looking through different subsections, as it does on Google Play, but more on that later.

In the “Games” section there are special offers in the form of slides, subsection with new and interesting games, several more relevant subsections, top free and paid games and top categories. In short, the most convenient feed without unnecessary content and conglomeration. The same goes for the section “Applications”, so we will not focus on it, followed by the sections “Updates” and “Search”. With this, everything is clear.

Now let's take a look at Google Play. The main page is a breakdown into mini-sections: “Novelties and updates (Games)”, “You will like it”, then an advertising banner with advertising applications, again “New releases and updates”, but for applications, “Do not forget to try” “Do not forget to play”, “Creativity and Design”, “Build Your World”, “Everything for working with photos”, “Wallpapers and Themes”, “Recommended”, “Arcade”, “Stay in touch”, “Music and Audio “,” Daily applications “,” Fast casual games “,” Tools “,” Popping up “,” Launcher “,” Offline games “,” Games with av “” Customize the phone “,” Social network “,” All about food “,” Driving “,” Games for 25 MB “,” Spend time cheerfully “,” Choose new wallpaper “,” Education “,” Puzzles ” “Installation and video”, “Photo editors”, “Action games”, “Work more effectively”, “Fresh releases”, “Books”, “Music”, “Tools”, “Phone settings”, “Podcasts and radio”, ” Best applications and games “,” Newspapers and magazines “,” Sports video games “,” For several players “,” Browsers “,” Games for you “,” Maps and navigation “,” Shopping “,” Schedulers “,” For business “,” Now in Russian “,” Ska and “Print files”, “Listen to music online”, “Create lists”, “File managers”, “Music players”, “Photo and video publications”, “Email”, “Smileys and Emoji”, ” Chat with friends, Budget Planning, Weather Forecasting, File Conversion, Currency Exchange, Games with pre-registration.

Please forgive readers for such a long list, but I did it in order to you understood my indignation. How can I fit all the content on one page? Sorry, but it's really shameful to structure the content in the store this way. This is most inconvenient and inefficient, and for the end user such a list is nothing but garbage. Do I want to download something, flipping through a few tens of seconds? Never. The user will lose the desire to download something else at the moment of scrolling the main page.

How important is the “Budget Planning” or “Smilies and Emoji” subsection? Why turn a store into a bunch of incomprehensible subsections that simply take up space. Moreover, Google has managed to insert in the main stream an advertising section with paid applications. And frankly, I just realized just how terrible the structure of the Play Store application is.

What should I do to find free games on Google Play? Open the “Games” section and try to find the “Free” tab, but find only the “Charge” tab. Further, we note that all applications in the “Games” section are free. That is, the user himself must understand that before him only free games. Go ahead. The section with games also represents a ton of unnecessary content, which is represented by a huge scrolling list of subsections.

In the “Games” section I came across the subsection “Premium Games”. Interesting. I decide to swipe to view the premium games offered to me, trying to understand the meaning of the word “premium”. In front of me a list of paid games opens. However, while leafing through, I noticed a few free games in the subsection “Premium Games”. Question: How should the user understand the meaning of this subsection if it contains both paid and free games? What does the word “premium” mean? And why do I need this subsection?

Next, I tried to find the “Applications” section, but I did not find it. Why? But because it simply does not exist. There is only the main page, where there are collected in one common heap both applications and games. And the user himself should look for what he needs, because we do not care about him.

What else can I add? And nothing to add. The structure of Google Play is as terrible as it is possible at all. And until now I have not noticed this. I want to say right away that this is only my opinion, and if you do not agree with him, do not write angry comments without arguments.

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