Will Asha phones be back?

<pre>Will Asha phones be back?

Nokia Asha 502 Touch

The well-known Nokia brand returned to the digital devices market last year in its new quality as an Android-based smartphone vendor. It is not excluded that in 2018 another technological legend will return – Asha phones. Of course, they probably will not be the same as before. In addition, the network appeared alleged images of the most budget device from Nokia.


HMD has registered the trademark “Asha” in the European Intellectual Property Office (EU). This is reported in a note Peter (Peter), published resource gsmarena.com. The Nokia Asha phones, which many users still remember and gladly recall, were not smartphones, although they often were equipped with touch screens and were aimed at using popular online services – Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Asha phones, not being smartphones, provided their users with functionality similar to that characteristic of smart phones. However, one should not think that HMD is going to promote ordinary phones under this brand. Moreover, the application notes that the trademark “Asha” can be used for smartphones. But in 2018 it is difficult to expect the appearance of a new line of conventional phones that differ from touchscreens only with touchscreens and a certain set of additional functions.

The role of inexpensive devices in the market is growing. Google and Micromax even plan to release a phone running Android Go under the price of $ 32. And HMD is probably working on a smartphone running Android Go, which may be called Nokia 1. Thus it is assumed that the new Nokia Asha line will become a model range of low-cost phones, the software of which is based on Android Go and at the same time reminds users about those devices that were popular on the market even before the mass distribution of smartphones.

Inexpensive devices that support a number of features that are characteristic of modern smartphones can become an important component of attracting smart phones Niemann users who still prefer push-button phones that are cheaper mobile devices running the most popular mobile OS.

Returning to the market Nokia brand started with a rather expensive smartphones. But the brand probably prepared for users and a much more affordable model. This is a smartphone Nokia 1, which can become the first Nokia smartphone running Android Go, notes Varun28, reviewing the new information about Nokia 1, in a note on the pages of the resource androidcrunch.com.

 Nokia 1?

The first images appeared on the Net, which are supposed to show a budget novelty not yet presented to the public, which is likely to be oriented to emerging markets.

In addition to the Nokia 6 (2018) already announced in the recently launched year, Nokia is waiting a number of models in 2018. The most premium of these is expected to be Nokia 9, which will become the flagship of the brand. But this does not mean HMD Global's lack of attention to emerging markets, including the Indian market and African markets.

What is Android Go Edition, or rather Android Oreo (Go Edition)? This is a “lightweight” version of the Android 8 operating system, intended for developing the Android software platform by Google for phones and other devices with very modest technical characteristics to date. This will allow the release of such devices running Oreo.

Android Go starts with Android 8.1 Oreo, and it is based on using applications that are much smaller than usual. This approach allows you to significantly reduce the consumption of resources, similar to how it happens when using Lite-versions of applications. Nokia 1 can be the first smartphone brand running this operating system.

To date, the phone has not yet been officially introduced. But in the widespread in China search engine Baidu, the user posted two images that are supposedly related to Nokia 1. They show the back panels of the phone, and they differ among themselves.

One of the images under consideration shows the rear camera and LED ) flash, polycarbonate coating. The second image shows a similar camera module, but already covered with a glass panel. What can this difference in the image of the back panel of the device say? Perhaps HMD has not yet decided what will be the final design of the most budgetary of its devices and still chooses the most successful of the two prototypes. However, it is possible that in fact there are more designs.

If Nokia 1 will be just such a device as it is supposed to be today, it will be characterized by a polycarbonate rear panel and rounded corners. It is expected that it will be equipped with an HD-screen, whose resolution is 720p. The novelty can be completed with 1 gigabyte of RAM and an 8-gigabyte built-in drive.

According to rumors, the new smartphone will debut in March 2018 and will cost 69-75 euros. After all, we are talking about the cheapest of Nokia smartphones, which also operates under the operating system Android Go. To date, there is no information on where exactly it will be presented. It is possible that he will see the light on the Mobile World Congress along with other new smartphones of the brand – Nokia 9, Nokia 7 Plus or Nokia 4.

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