Windows with active noise reduction will muffle the sounds of a megacity

<pre>Windows with active noise reduction will muffle the sounds of a megacity

Researchers from Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore, adapted and improved the active noise reduction technology used in many electronic gadgets. Their goal was the windows of an ordinary apartment in a megacity – a vulnerable place through which, together with fresh air, the loud noise of a big city gets to us. The novelty is designed to solve this problem.

The principle of active noise cancellation is to muffle a concrete sound by its antipode, a specially generated acoustic signal with exactly the same parameters, but inverted. For this purpose, the microprocessor analyzes all sounds captured by the microphone, selects them from the target sounds and makes a command for the counterwave generator. The sound will still be heard in the ear, but as deaf, not annoying.

 Noise reduction system

The Singapore craftsmen did not just increase this system to the size of the window, they rewrote the algorithms so that the network of microphones and speakers obviously had time to work before the sound reaches the window opening. They also optimized the analysis procedure in order to obtain a perfectly balanced “anti-noise” in the presence of an arbitrary number of different sound sources. Their prototype effectively reduces the level of acoustic pressure by 50%.

Less technology – the system is far from being miniature, the mesh of microphones looks like another series of blinds and overlaps the view from the window. Plus, it has some difficulties with installation and connection to the power grid. Therefore, the commercial version is not expected in the near future, the authors will work to reduce the dimensions of their brainchild to make it competitive.

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