Wingman – the most inconspicuous life jacket in the world

<pre>Wingman - the most inconspicuous life jacket in the world

Dislike of many people for lifejackets is easy to explain: they are cumbersome and uncomfortable. However, this attitude can be changed for the better by using the world's thinnest inflatable waistcoat Wingman.

The use of a new waistcoat has already been approved by the US Coast Guard. The adult version, designed for a person weighing more than 41 kg, has already collected the necessary funding for Kickstarter. In the open sale Wingman entered relatively recently. His “scheme” was borrowed from inflatable waistcoats, which are used by surfers.

In order to fill the chamber with air from the replaceable can, it is necessary to pull a special cord located on the shoulder. In the working position, the camera, somewhat like a collar, “jumps out” from the waistcoat through a zipper at once in three places. If necessary, you can inflate it yourself. As soon as the danger has passed, they lower it and put it back into place.

Wingman can be purchased for $ 199.

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