Wireless headphones PaMu Scroll: not at all AirPods, and they like it

<pre>Wireless headphones PaMu Scroll: not at all AirPods, and they like it

Frankly, even we are already tired of the attempts of different manufacturers to release a copy of AirPods – so far no one has even managed to get close to Apple's wireless headphones. The clever people have long understood that AirPods should not be perceived as a standard – on the contrary, in this industry you can come up with your own headphones with a different form factor, which in some ways will be even better. This was done in the company PaMu, releasing completely unlike the other wireless headphones – PaMu Scroll.

When Apple introduced the AirPods, many were more impressed not by the headphones themselves, but by the battery case with which they are charged. But if you think that such a solution is used only in Apple, then it's not at all like that: PaMu Scroll is also charged in this way, and the case for charging itself looks no worse. The plastic construction is covered with a piece of genuine leather, and to get the headphones out of the case, you literally need to open it. The design itself is flexible and looks very stylish.

The “lid” of the case is fixed with a special magnetic insert, and if you look at the cover in the closed state, you can not at first say that you have headphones in front of you. The device looks more like an external battery, but just open the leather cover slightly enough to see the two earphones.

Unlike the same AirPods, the PaMu Scroll is made in-channel. The manufacturer managed to develop a design that will be small in size and will allow the batteries to be placed in sufficient capacity. In the ears, these headphones are almost not felt, they are so small. Nozzles are made in such a way that positively affect the noise insulation, and also securely fix the headset in the ear canal. You can at least run, even just move around the city – headphones are sitting securely. The attachment point of the nozzle is round, due to which you can put them on in seconds.

The headphones themselves in color perfectly match the charging case (there are different options to choose from). They have a plastic case, which has a built-in microphone (to use as a headset) and a LED charge indicator. In addition, the side panel of both headphones is sensory – you can conveniently control playback and other functions. For example, with one click you can put the track on a pause or answer / end the call, and two – immediately call the last number, with the owner of which you communicated. Matte headphones look cool, have a light weight and have shockproof properties.

Unfortunately, the Web does not yet have the exact technical characteristics of the Scroll model, so they can not be brought. The manufacturer first of all focuses on the support for Bluetooth 5.0, reduced weight (each earpiece weighs 5 grams), 3.5 hours of battery life (with this design is really very much) and water protection according to the IPX6 standard – water flows or strong jets from any direction, spray, rain.

But the most important advantage of PaMu Scroll in comparison with the same AirPods is the possibility of wireless charging of headphones. Yes, the Chinese managed to do what Apple can not release until now.

And the wireless charging is very interesting. The case itself has a micro-USB port on the bottom end (to be charged using a conventional cable), but if you put on it a special adapter (from PaMu) designed for these headphones, you can mount the cover vertically on any wireless charging. It looks as if the design should be like that, but the manufacturer does not decide for you and gives a choice – to charge by Qi or by using ordinary wire.

As soon as you turn on the headset, iPhone or any other smartphone with Bluetooth will quickly find it. Of course, not as fast as AirPods, but also not for long. You do not need to connect the headphones to each other: just select the device in the list of Bluetooth accessories, and both earphones will be connected automatically.


The Scroll sounds great, without any noise and crackling. The manufacturer managed to maintain an optimal balance of the upper and lower frequencies, the basses work fine, there are no dips. The main thing is to properly fix the headset in the ears, it depends a lot.

By the way, in the mode of operation in which you listen to music on the way to work, from work and, say, at lunch time, and the rest of the time the headphones work in as a headset, one charge of the device is enough for a full day, and additional charges in the dock-box – almost for a working week. Quite a decent result.

Can PaMu Scroll headphones be a good replacement for AirPods? Probably, this is the case when you do not want to compare them with Apple's headphones. This is a completely different device with its advantages, which even AirPods do not have. In some ways, they certainly do not hold out to Apple's wireless headphones, but in terms of landing many can find them comfortable.

Especially now, as part of the crowd-banding campaign, headphones can be bought for only 39 dollars (five times cheaper than AirPods), another 10 dollars will be asked for the adapter for wireless charging. For such a price, PaMu Scroll is recommended for purchase by anyone who wants to acquire a good sound and all the latest features for a reasonable price.

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