Xiaomi surpassed Samsung in a huge market

<pre>Xiaomi surpassed Samsung in a huge market

South Korean technology giant Samsung is undoubtedly the leader in the global smartphone market. But, according to a new report, in one of the world's largest markets, the leading vendor of smart phones has recently become not Samsung, but Xiaomi. The web also featured a video showing the Galaxy S9 in the testing process.

The leader of the smartphone market in India has changed. Now it was Xiaomi with a market share of 27%. This means that the company managed to outperform Samsung in this indicator, which supplied 25% of all smartphones in India during the final quarter of last year. In more detail, the important achievement of one of the most popular smartphone-smartphone vendors was considered by Peter (Peter) on the pages of the resource gsmarena.com with reference to Canalys.

 Xiaomi surpassed Samsung in the Indian market

Xiaomi managed to deliver 8.2 million smartphones, while the South Korean technology giant, which is the world market leader in smart phones, shipped 7.3 million devices in this popular category, but this was not enough for leadership, The market as a whole grew by 6%. Despite considerable interest to a wide audience for premium smartphones, a huge role in the market is played by devices of average and budget price categories that are able to perform all the tasks necessary for the user and are at the same time much cheaper. Progress in the mobile industry is such that even inexpensive smart phones are sufficiently productive and functional. And it is the company that can make good devices of this class, thanks to them, managed to become the leader of one of the largest smartphone markets.

It is also noted that the success of the Indian branch of Xiaomi is determined by the company's own strategy, marketing and product lines. In this context, it should also be noted that the share of Xiaomi phones is growing in India, but it is declining in China. However, in China and India, the company is quite successful. And its success in the two largest smartphone markets is very important for its performance.

As for Samsung, the share of the company's devices decreases in the most significant segment for the Indian market. It's about smartphones that cost 15 thousand Indian rupees or even less, which is equivalent to 240 US dollars or 190 euros. Consumer demand for Galaxy smartphones has been low, but Samsung is expected to improve the devices of this class by expanding its research and development as well as the supply chain.

Thus, Xiaomi and Samsung in the final quarter of 2017 delivered more than half smartphones. In the top 5 smart phone vendors in the Indian market are also Vivo, Oppo and Lenovo.

Xiaomi has excellent inexpensive phones. In the meantime, Samsung is strong with its flagships, which are expected to be released almost a year before their debut. As the announcement of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + approaches, more and more often there are messages on the peculiarities of upcoming novelties. Preslav Kateliev reviewed on the pages of the resource phonearena.com a video (with reference to slashleaks.com), in which the long-awaited Galaxy S9 supposedly appeared.


First of all, it is necessary to remember that the novelties will debut on MWC 2018 in February. Moreover, this assumption, which appeared on the Web before, was confirmed by Samsung. In anticipation of the next Samsung flagships, various “leaks” appeared on the web – schematic sketches, message about components, various alleged information and renderers created by users looking forward to the release of new ones belonging to one of the most popular device lines.

A new video appeared on the web , is called the “Galaxy S9 Touch sensitivity test”, and it not only shows a new device, but also gives an opportunity to look at the novelty in the process of its testing.

A video is sufficient it's a short one, and most of the phone is out of the frame, but users can even consider in this clip some features of the design of the flagship Galaxy S9, which Samsung will soon delight many connoisseurs of its products. It is noted that the novelty looks similar to the Galaxy S8, but more modern – the width of the lower screen frame is thinner, which is consistent with the trend, in which the higher display takes up more space on the front of the smart phone.

However, Galaxy S9 will be a device, quite similar to the previous model Galaxy S8. Design changes will not be significant, but they will be more convenient for users location of the fingerprint scanner. But this is good enough – in fact the Galaxy S8 even now, at the beginning of 2018, looks like not just a modern, but even a futuristic device and is not perceived by connoisseurs as even a slightly outdated smartphone.

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