Xiaomi will allow users to decide the fate of MIUI 10

<pre>Xiaomi confirmed that it is preparing to launch MIUI X

Xiaomi will allow its fans to decide for themselves how to name the next version of MIUI. The corresponding survey was published by the company on its official website in the Weibo social network. The choice of the participants of the plebiscite is offered by two options: MIUI 10 and MIUI X.

Contrary to the popular judgment about the aesthetic appeal of the symbol “X”, about 80% of respondents, in total, gained more than 5000, preferred to him the figure “10” in the name of the future version of MIUI. What is dictated by the choice of the majority, one can only guess.

“We will say directly, before the release of MIUI 10 (or MIUI X) there is still a lot of time,” says the poll page. “On January 23, 2018, we announced the release of MIUI 10 […]but since this update will be special, we would like to hear your opinion on its name.”

Similarly, in the past, Google came, offering users a choice of a name for Android N. Participants in the survey were offered a choice of several titles, one of which was Nougat – and subsequently became the official name of the 7th version of the OS.

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