Xperia XA2 Ultra. How will it become?

<pre>Xperia XA2 Ultra. How will it become?

Sony – one of the leading electronics vendors with a huge history. Her smartphones like many users. In the current year, a notable redesign of the company's devices is expected, and the Internet is increasingly appearing about its upcoming innovations. This time, the technical characteristics of Xperia XA2 Ultra were considered. Do you have to wait for the novelty already on CES, which will please a lot of interesting announcements?

 Xperia XA2 Ultra?

In early 2018, users are waiting for something special from Sony. First of all, it concerns a new design, which will be typical for smartphones of the company, in which trend-based “frameless” screens will find themselves. Over the past weeks, users have repeatedly heard about the company's upcoming phones. And now the web appeared almost complete list of the expected characteristics of the upcoming device Sony – Xperia XA2 Ultra. More details of the smart phone not yet presented to the public were considered by Varun28 on the pages of the resource with reference to NBTC.

The novelty will be the next generation of the popular mid-range device from Sony. In the past year, Sony has pleasantly surprised connoisseurs of its products not only with flagships, but also in the middle category Xperia XA1. The device is equipped with a 6-inch screen and a MediaTek chipset. The second generation of this phablet will be one of the most interesting upcoming smartphones from the Japanese vendor, as its impressive design and technical characteristics will be combined in a new smartphone with a price not so high as flagship devices.

phone H4233, which belongs to the device middle class. It is believed that we can talk about the upcoming release of Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra, which will be released in 2018.

 Xperia XA2 Ultra?

According to the “leak”, the H4233 will become a next-generation smartphone of the middle class. On the market, as mentioned above, it can come out under the name Xperia XA2 Ultra. And today, probably, we already know what software and hardware capabilities the device will differ in.

However, earlier performance tests already also a little “told” about the upcoming novelty. It will find itself using a 6-inch display, which is typical for the previous model. Its resolution will be Full HD (1080p). The smartphone's chipset is likely to become the Snapdragon 630, one of the most popular hardware platforms for mid-range devices, capable of surpassing the Helio P20, which found its use in the 2017 model.

The volume of the Xperia XA2 Ultra smartphone can reach 4 gigabytes. The built-in drive of the device in question is expected to be 64 GByte.

The main camera of the smartphone in question, which will be on the back of the mobile device, will be single, but will be characterized by an impressive 21 megapixel resolution of its only sensor. On the front panel of the device is located 15-megapixel camera. It is interesting to note that both cameras of the forthcoming Xperia XA2 Ultra will support the shooting of 4K video.

The new phone's software will be based on the Android 8 Oreo operating system released by Google in 2017. To date, the debut date for the novelty is still unknown, but it is not excluded that it can be shown to the public in Las Vegas during the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018, traditionally one of the most important technology shows of the year. However, the probability of displaying Xperia XA2 Ultra on CES is only a guess.

As noted on the pages of the resource, among the announcements of CES 2018 will be TVs from Sony. In general, a lot of interesting things are waiting for the forthcoming exhibition.

CES will start in Las Vegas on January 7, 2018 and will run until January 12. On it, as it happens every year, the leading companies of the high-tech industry – Samsung, LG, Google and, of course, Sony – will be presented.

Television sets are expected to be one of the most interesting announcements of the exhibition. LG will show an incredibly thin OLED TV. Happy new generation of its line of TVs and Samsung. Vizio and many other companies will also present their new TV sets. Users will have something to see – gorgeous screens, natural colors and, at times, very high prices.

Galaxy S9 will not see the light on the forthcoming CES. What can Samsung show the public instead of its next flagship? It is believed that CES can debut an even more amazing smartphone from the South Korean technological giant – Galaxy X. It is believed that this is a foldable device with a flexible screen that can be used as a regular smartphone, the screen size is about 5 inches and as a tablet with a display larger than 7 inches. If this mobile device is shown, it can be one of the brightest and most memorable announcements of CES 2018.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies will also be presented at the forthcoming exhibition. Users are likely to be able to see new improvements in virtual and augmented reality, as well as helmets that support a mixed reality, combining the capabilities of both innovative technologies. One of the most interesting new products is believed to be the virtual reality helmet from Magic Leap.

Various companies have prepared and technologies for unmanned vehicles. Many car manufacturers will also show progress in their developments at CES. The exhibition will be attended by such famous companies as Ford, GM and Mercedes-Benz. The public is likely to be shown new design concepts.

According to the IDC research firm, the market for wearable devices has grown significantly over the past few years. It is expected that various companies will be shown a lot – from smart clothes to more familiar smartcases.

Personal computers will also have a place on CES 2018. The exhibition will include, among other things, the development of Dell, HP and Lenovo. Not only new design concepts are expected, but also high-end computers. Two-in-one hybrid devices can be shown, which are both laptops and tablets at the same time. It is not excluded that desktop computers capable of competing with the most powerful iMac Pro will also see light.

But the largest technology company from Cupertino will not be presented at the largest technology show of the year. Apple has traditionally not been present at CES, preferring to announce its products. However, during the exhibition, various companies will present their products, able to integrate with those devices that are offered in the Apple market. Therefore, about the technological giant, from year to year pleasing users of its iPhone, during the CES will remember more than once.

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