You definitely want to use this Siri

<pre>You definitely want to use this Siri

Siri can bring a lot of benefit and be easy to use, the interface designer Kevin Eugen has proved. He introduced his own concept of the Siri interface, which, in his opinion, will turn the user's view of the voice assistant from Apple.

The main idea of ​​the concept is to make Siri less visible, but more functional. To do this, you need to teach the voice assistant not to occupy the entire screen, as it is now, but to work in a notification format. In other words, the activation of the assistant should not interrupt the current task.

How to improve Siri

The work in the notification format can be a much more promising method of user interaction with Siri, Eugene says. In his plan, the user, when typing a message to his friend, should be able to ask the assistant to show photos that can be immediately sent to the interlocutor.

In addition, the developer believes, it would be nice to teach Siri to work with multitasking, for example, asking her to open a window messages while sending email, and also give the assistant the opportunity to really work with OS elements. For example, letting it copy data and insert it at the user's request.

What will Siri be in the future

The most important thing is that Apple's designers do not have to change the operating system interface to implement Eugene's ideas. All the elements that the developer has used in his concept are already present in one form or another in iOS, except in other usage scenarios.

Apple, please!

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