Your data can be hijacked if you use Login With Facebook – Tech News

The vulnerability allows the trackers to get access to user’s personal data that was provided to the website. — AFP

Facebook can not just seem to catch a break. After the explosive Cambridge Analytica saga, the social media platform has been hit again with another scandal involving its ubiquitous Login With Facebook.

Tech Crunch Reports that Facebook confirms that the company is “investigating a (19659002) This allows the trackers to get access to the user's personal data that was provided to the website, but not limited to to name, e-mail address, age range, gender, locale, and profile photo, the article states.

Although it is unclear what the trackers can and plan to do with the data, the incriminating scripts were found in 434 of the top one million websites in the world. The article mentions freelancer site, and Cloud database provider MongoDB as some of the affected sites.

It further states that Facebook responded with “We will look into this and get back to you,” and MongoDB stated that “We were unaware that a third-party technology was using a tracking script that collects parts of Facebook user data.

This is one of the examples of exploits that could have been avoided had Facebook done adequate API auditing to find developers that are sharing, selling and using data without the users' permission, according to the article.

Also, the article states that

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