Your next iPhone may have the same charging cable as Android phones – Tech News

The USB Type-C socket, seen here on an HTC 10, has been seen on more and more Android flagship phones in recent years due to its faster charging capability and the fact that it is easier to plug in to phones. — dpa
Could Apple be planning to bundle the next generation of iPhone and iPad with a USB-C charger? If the rumours – and the leaked pictures are the same for all users, the littered with different chargers for different devices may be coming to an end – albeit with yet another new charger type for Apple users.

leaked pictures claim to show a prototype of an Apple's 18W charging brick that has a USB-C connection, the same connection that many newer Android devices already use.

USB-C cables also allow devices to charge much faster than other options, and unlike the previous USB connectors, they can be inserted both ways round.

Another advantage of the USB-C charger is that it would allow MacBook Pro owners to connect their iPhone to their new MacBook without needing to buy an extra cable. [19659001] Nevertheless, there are still some unanswered questions, including whether or not the new iPhones would still be compatible with the current Lightning connectors – if they are, then iPhone owners can keep using their old cables, but (19659001) Apple has yet to comment on the pictures, so it remains to be seen exactly what kind of charger Apple users will start using next. – dpa

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