YouTube can not be skipped to YouTube ads anymore – Tech News

<pre>YouTube can not be skipped to YouTube ads anymore - Tech News

Is there anything more annoying than seeing ads at the beginning or in the middle of a YouTube video? Yes. Unskippable ads, and now there's a “skip ad” button over the video.

Why? That's because YouTube has a big change for its content creators which encourages them to earn more money from ad revenues.

How do we know that? Because YouTube, on its official Creator Insider channel, posted a video with the literally the title “Want To Earn More Money From Ad Revenue?”

its content. Earlier, only selected YouTube depends on the ability to make more money running non-skippable ads, which was capped to a maximum of 15-20 seconds (depending on the viewer's location).

-skippable ads, as advertisers pay more for such advertisements. Mashable claims that YouTube seems to be moving away from TrueView, a video ad format used by the video sharing platform, where users can skip an advertisement after five seconds of it playing.

It's also states that the older videos with TrueView are enabled, they will be automatically switched to non-skippable ads. Many viewers left comments on the original video stating that unskipable ads will be the annoy viewers, and perhaps even discourage them from visiting the channel again.

The content creators also, that some of their audience would click away from their video before the non-skippable ad finishes, and deny them the ad revenue altogether. However, some creators are more willing to give the move a try, although they would prefer more customisability with the feature.

“Let me choose which part of my videos I want to buy skippable ads (I do not like ads) like mid-roll ads), “commented a user. Non-skippable ads for all YouTube content creators will be rolled out starting next week.

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