Zivix releases a new generation of “smart” portable guitars

<pre>Zivix releases a new generation of

A well-known manufacturer of high-tech music devices, the company Zivix (USA) has introduced the third generation of portable “smart” guitars – Jamstic 7 and Jamstic 12. In March, instruments equipped with a portable intelligent MIDI controller of the 3rd generation Jamstic will take their rightful place on the Kickstarter.

Jamstic 7 length of 45 cm has 2 frets more than the models of the previous generation (there were 5). The device is powered by AA batteries, providing work for 72 hours. Jamstic 7 is aimed at those who only learn to play the guitar by connecting to a smartphone or tablet.

Jamstic 12 (with 12 frets, length 72 cm) in turn operates on a lithium-ion battery and is designed for strong professionals with an expanded set of functions and a more powerful processor. Both models have a capacitive sensor neck in combination with modern optical sensor technology for greater control accuracy.

The updated sensor system provides a more intense and expressive game, and through the USB port you can connect the charger and the digital MIDI interface.

It is expected that Jamstic 7 and Jamstic 12 will be available for $ 199 and $ 399, respectively.

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